Disposable Trocar

1. Safe Puncture

2. After penetrating the abdominal cavity,the safety device will automatically pop out to avoid damage to the organs.

3.Knifeless design

4.Reduces tissue cutting damage with a blunt design

5.Conversion free function

6.Surgical instruments of different diameters can enter and exit the sheath tube freely, and the sealing performance of the surgical procedure can be guaranteed without a converter.

7. The sheath is detachable and easy to take out foreign matter

8.When the foreign matter is taken out, the upper part of the sheath can be separated,more convenient for the doctor

9. Friction reverse sheath tube body layer

10.Ensure that the cannula can be effectively fixed in the abdominal wall tissue to avoid sliding of the cannula during surgery to increase surgical safety. Drotectiwe sheet and petal overlapping film design

11. The protective sheet can effectively reduce the damage of the surgical device to the sealing membrane flap

12. The high strength, high toughness and high elasticity of the overlapping film ensure the stability of the casing seal during the operation.

13. The low friction coefficient of the overlap film minimizes the resistance of the surgical instrument into and out of the sheath tube,Provide doctors with a better surgical experience and improve the accuracy of precision surgery

14. Scope of application: laparoscopic surgery related departments and minimally invasive surgery